Cheat Review/Opinion


Im just gonna start at the menu; everything is well sorted and easy to find that said i dont like the look. Maybe thats just me but i personally am not a fan of this very rounded look reminds me of sunset (especially the round buttons)

the Legitbot, i would rate it a 7/10 it has all the necessary features to a legitbot but some more advanced stuff is missing like first bullet delay (for going a bit more obvious) but also a aimbot curve. it is however enough to look legit

Visuals. I like them, they have all the features every other cheat has and also a bit more. but as always this is gonna be different for everyone. some may like the visuals others may not.

also misc has about everything you would want apparent from maybe legit bhop (Fail %).

overall for the price you really cant complain. i'd give it an 8/10

(EDIT) now after using the cheat for a bit i gotta say, holy shit: i used full on ragebot and after a few days still am not banned
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