Future of Cheatly.cc for CS:GO


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Current Cheatly.cc version is under re-code that should be ready around December this year.

Our main goal is to make new re-code more stable, and also add all possible requests that will be on the forum, each thread will be taken into account during re-code process. Therefore, it is very important to report as many bugs and suggestions for our product as possible, in this way we are able to make Cheatly.cc good CS:GO cheat that would meet users needs.

After re-code version will be released, we are going to add more subscription options. Now you are able to buy only month, and 3 months subscription.
After release of re-code version, 6 months subscription, 1 year subscription, and lifetime subscription, will be added.

If you have active cheat subscription, we encourage you to leave suggestion, or bug report, to improve Cheatly.cc
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