Reseller Zumbie's Reselling Services (Crypto / Paypal / Skins)


Official Reseller
Zumbie's Official Reselling Post

No negotiating prices.
No time-wasting.
All prices also include VAT
Please don't spam me.
I accept Goods & Services for now. [paypal]
I do NOT accept PayPal from Russians.

Prices: CS:GO 1 Month 9euros / 8usd CS:GO 3 Month 14.5euros / 13usd

CRYPTO: I accept all MAJOR cryptos, and they all have a 1-3€ markup depending on the crypto.
SKINS: 1-3€ more than other methods, depending on the skins. (PRICES BY SKINPORT, NOT BY STEAM)
PAYPAL: I am currently accepting paypal. <---

All prices are subject to change.

Contact Information:

Zumbie#9999 | 810386979455369227 | Forums
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